Why I'm Running


 I’m running because I’m a parent & a teacher

My wife and I have three young children attending the exact same elementary school I attended when I was a kid and it’s also where my mom taught for 20 years (by the way, running for office isn’t near as tough as having your own mom as your English teacher!).  Making sure that our rural schools are put in the best positions to succeed is one of my top priorities.

Teaching is one of the most directly impacted professions when it comes to the decisions being made at the State Capitol.  I believe having an active, rural teacher serving in the Tennessee House of Representatives would be beneficial for all of our area’s teachers and students.  Some of my education concerns include improving our standardized testing and finding ways for the student evaluation process to fairly and accurately reflect students' strong  ACT scores and graduation rate performances when it comes to evaluating our teachers and school systems performances.     

I’m running because I want to help Rural towns succeed

A lot of the urban areas in Tennessee are enjoying great economic success, but for many of our rural counties there is need for improvement, especially when it comes to creating a stronger digital infrastructure so rural businesses can have access to the high-speed internet they need to succeed and improving on our workforce development matching up with the jobs that are going to be in the highest demand in our state. 

Many counties like Williamson, Davidson, and Madison have healthy economic ratings, while a lot of rural areas are playing catch up to the rest of the state’s economic growth.   In Tennessee there are 33 counties that have an economic designation of “At-Risk” and 19 counties that have been designated as “Distressed”.   Of the four counties in District 72, three counties are in the “At-Risk” category and one of our counties has been designated as “Distressed”.  If we want our schools, small business owners, farmers, and first responders to have the resources they need to be successful, further efforts need to be made in the coming years to insure steady economic improvement in rural counties. 


There are of course additional issues that are important to many of us in District 72, so hopefully I will get the opportunity to meet and talk with a lot of you in person so you can share your concerns and I can share with you how I would apply the conservative, small town values I was raised on toward being your State Representative.                   

                         -Kirk Haston